Keyboard Warriors

I’m going off topic tonight. I try very hard to keep my blog uplifting and inspirational. That was my intention. But, I’m taking a quick break to perform a public service announcement. I’ve noticed recently on some social media sites (ok, Facebook) that people can be really rude and mean. I understand it’s their right and they can voice their opinion, but I’ve come to believe these people are just not nice–on or off line.  I have always tried to treat people as I would like to be treated. However, it seems when certain people get behind a computer screen, all bets are off! I see them criticize their boss, their spouse, their ex,  the neighbor kids, the schools, the grocery store, the mayor, the police, the teachers, the church…and on, and on. Honestly, I sometimes wonder what DO they approve of? Is life that bad? I think certain people just have that grey cloud over their head and they refuse to look for the sunshine through that cloud. Someone once said if we all made a circle and threw our troubles in the middle, then were told to go choose which troubles you’d like, we’d most likely choose our own. Because EVERYONE has something in their life that is not perfect. But, many of us choose to deal with our problems privately, or we realize maybe the problems aren’t really that big of a deal and move on with our day. We don’t blame others for our shortcomings. Sure, you can express your dissatisfaction on social media. But, understand that the way you express yourself is a direct reflection of you–your personal brand–so to speak. And, nastiness doesn’t look good on you! So, before you lambast your city, your neighbor, your country step back and ask yourself if it is truly a problem, or maybe you are just feeling a little salty and want to take a jab at someone. There is always sun beyond that cloud. You just have to choose to see it.

April Showers

It’s the last day of April. Time is flying once again. Before we begin a new month, one that will bring a lot of changes for many people, I will pause to remind myself of my many blessings. While it has been stressful finishing my last semester of school, working and job hunting all while juggling my home life, I feel like I managed fairly well. The key I think, was to not stress myself out by thinking TOO far ahead. As I discussed with a friend earlier today, I came to the conclusion that there is only so much a person can do to control, change or address a situation before you begin to overwhelm yourself. And after that, it’s wasted energy. Energy that can be kept for another day. Looking at life’s problems from a smaller lens, rather than focusing on the big picture allows me to manage my tasks and responsibilities effectively. And once I realized that, things fell into place. So, as I head into May I will graduate, hopefully have an offer of a great job opportunity and continue to juggle and enjoy my home life. Tonight, I will listen to the April showers which will be sure to turn into May flowers.




















Late Bloomer

As we wrap up April, I think it’s safe to say the snow is finally behind us. Or is it? I always look forward to the trees catching just enough sunshine, mixed with the right temperature to burst into bloom seemingly over night. We have had some gorgeous days in the past few weeks. The trees were in full bloom, the branches were heavy with blossoms and Spring was finally in the air. Everything seemed right on track; until the snow came. And the beautiful blooms were zapped with cold, wilted and withering. Frozen in time.. There are times in our life where we mimic these blossoms. We may be eager to take on new challenges–perhaps a new job, new relationship or even finish some schooling. When we finally feel we are ready to burst out, facing life head on, we see our Spring begin!  But, then life throws a curve ball our way. And our path and plans change. Much like the blossoms on the tree, zapped by the snow, our dreams seem to wither on the vine. But, have you looked outside today? Thank God for the late bloomers! The trees are once again vibrant and full of color. The second round of Spring blossoms has arrived, ready to shine in the sun. And we can do that also. It’s ok to be a late bloomer. There is always another Spring if you desire the chance to begin again, or take a new path. Never be afraid to turn your face to the sunshine and say “Here I am, ready to blossom!” Much like I did with the trees outside, someone is sure to take notice! Enjoy the sunshine.

The Apple Of My Eye

Did you know there are approximately 7,500 different varieties of apples in the world? And nearly 2,500 of them can be found in the United States? Think about how many types of apples you have tried in your lifetime. I can count 9. Nine! Out of 7,500! Imagine all the apples I am missing out on! This leads me to wonder, of all the PEOPLE in the world (upwards of 7 billion) how many have I met?  People are in a sense like apples–many varieties with different characteristics and qualities to offer. By allowing ourselves to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures, with different opinions and beliefs, we may learn to appreciate the variety that makes each one of us unique. Today I will make the choice to meet new people. By doing so, I can begin to broaden my world and open my mind to new ideas. Today is a day to try a “new apple”. Why stop at 9 when there are still 7,491 left to try? Enjoy your sunshine, make a new friend, keep smiling! 🙂