The Apple Of My Eye

Did you know there are approximately 7,500 different varieties of apples in the world? And nearly 2,500 of them can be found in the United States? Think about how many types of apples you have tried in your lifetime. I can count 9. Nine! Out of 7,500! Imagine all the apples I am missing out on! This leads me to wonder, of all the PEOPLE in the world (upwards of 7 billion) how many have I met?  People are in a sense like apples–many varieties with different characteristics and qualities to offer. By allowing ourselves to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures, with different opinions and beliefs, we may learn to appreciate the variety that makes each one of us unique. Today I will make the choice to meet new people. By doing so, I can begin to broaden my world and open my mind to new ideas. Today is a day to try a “new apple”. Why stop at 9 when there are still 7,491 left to try? Enjoy your sunshine, make a new friend, keep smiling! 🙂



15 thoughts on “The Apple Of My Eye

  1. I love apples. Honestly as a kid apple was my favorite word. As much as I love citrus is cooking and beverages apples are my go to fruit. I need to think about how many different kinds I’ve had. Do crab apples count?


  2. Hi Autumn! This reminds me of why I love that the apple is the symbol for teachers. I have a sign in my room that says “Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the apples in one seed.”
    So true! 🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏

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  3. Excellent thought. Very philosophical and I appreciate that kind of discussion. I will say that I had no idea that there were that many apples in the world. I do teach social multiculturalism at the Masters level and it is by far one of the most interesting courses I have ever talked if you don’t mind I might use the analogy of the apples the next time I teach it thank you for an interesting thought

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  4. Your talk of apples and knowing only a fraction of the world’s people made me think of mitochondrial DNA! I’ve included an article …it’s long and some heavy reading but I remember seeing a show on PBS a few years ago about it and was mesmerized. The basic gist is, that when they tested various ethnic people from all over the world, they were able to trace their mitochondrial DNA to the same female who lived 200,000 years ago. So…we really are all brothers and sisters!


  5. Love the analogy and very true. Nothing like biting into a fresh, crisp apple. I prefer the sweet kind, just like people. Opened my thoughts to a few tart ones along the way.


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