Late Bloomer

As we wrap up April, I think it’s safe to say the snow is finally behind us. Or is it? I always look forward to the trees catching just enough sunshine, mixed with the right temperature to burst into bloom seemingly over night. We have had some gorgeous days in the past few weeks. The trees were in full bloom, the branches were heavy with blossoms and Spring was finally in the air. Everything seemed right on track; until the snow came. And the beautiful blooms were zapped with cold, wilted and withering. Frozen in time.. There are times in our life where we mimic these blossoms. We may be eager to take on new challenges–perhaps a new job, new relationship or even finish some schooling. When we finally feel we are ready to burst out, facing life head on, we see our Spring begin!  But, then life throws a curve ball our way. And our path and plans change. Much like the blossoms on the tree, zapped by the snow, our dreams seem to wither on the vine. But, have you looked outside today? Thank God for the late bloomers! The trees are once again vibrant and full of color. The second round of Spring blossoms has arrived, ready to shine in the sun. And we can do that also. It’s ok to be a late bloomer. There is always another Spring if you desire the chance to begin again, or take a new path. Never be afraid to turn your face to the sunshine and say “Here I am, ready to blossom!” Much like I did with the trees outside, someone is sure to take notice! Enjoy the sunshine.


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