April Showers

It’s the last day of April. Time is flying once again. Before we begin a new month, one that will bring a lot of changes for many people, I will pause to remind myself of my many blessings. While it has been stressful finishing my last semester of school, working and job hunting all while juggling my home life, I feel like I managed fairly well. The key I think, was to not stress myself out by thinking TOO far ahead. As I discussed with a friend earlier today, I came to the conclusion that there is only so much a person can do to control, change or address a situation before you begin to overwhelm yourself. And after that, it’s wasted energy. Energy that can be kept for another day. Looking at life’s problems from a smaller lens, rather than focusing on the big picture allows me to manage my tasks and responsibilities effectively. And once I realized that, things fell into place. So, as I head into May I will graduate, hopefully have an offer of a great job opportunity and continue to juggle and enjoy my home life. Tonight, I will listen to the April showers which will be sure to turn into May flowers.





















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