Keyboard Warriors

I’m going off topic tonight. I try very hard to keep my blog uplifting and inspirational. That was my intention. But, I’m taking a quick break to perform a public service announcement. I’ve noticed recently on some social media sites (ok, Facebook) that people can be really rude and mean. I understand it’s their right and they can voice their opinion, but I’ve come to believe these people are just not nice–on or off line.  I have always tried to treat people as I would like to be treated. However, it seems when certain people get behind a computer screen, all bets are off! I see them criticize their boss, their spouse, their ex,  the neighbor kids, the schools, the grocery store, the mayor, the police, the teachers, the church…and on, and on. Honestly, I sometimes wonder what DO they approve of? Is life that bad? I think certain people just have that grey cloud over their head and they refuse to look for the sunshine through that cloud. Someone once said if we all made a circle and threw our troubles in the middle, then were told to go choose which troubles you’d like, we’d most likely choose our own. Because EVERYONE has something in their life that is not perfect. But, many of us choose to deal with our problems privately, or we realize maybe the problems aren’t really that big of a deal and move on with our day. We don’t blame others for our shortcomings. Sure, you can express your dissatisfaction on social media. But, understand that the way you express yourself is a direct reflection of you–your personal brand–so to speak. And, nastiness doesn’t look good on you! So, before you lambast your city, your neighbor, your country step back and ask yourself if it is truly a problem, or maybe you are just feeling a little salty and want to take a jab at someone. There is always sun beyond that cloud. You just have to choose to see it.


7 thoughts on “Keyboard Warriors

  1. Autumn, your posts are always so inspiring. I completely agree with how people use social media to attack people and put others down. It’s almost as if they have this built up ego because they’re behind a monitor and not speaking to someone face-to-face. Unfortunately, technology has corrupted traditional communication. That is why I appreciate what you post as much as I do. People need to share more positive things on the Internet, rather than make sites like Facebook their personal diary. Keep doing what you’re doing! I think it’s great.



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